Line 4-Daxing Line

Beijing Metro Line 4


On April 12, 2006, Beijing MTR signs the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Concession Agreement for Beijing Line 4 (BJL4) with Beijing Municipal Government, under which BJMTR could invest in, construct, and operate BJL4 within the concession period of 30 years. The construction of BJL4 consists of part A (tunnels, station structure etc.) and B (rolling stocks, signaling systems, ticket machines etc.). Beijing Municipal Government is responsible for the investment and construction of part A and BJMTR of part B. The total amount of investment made by BJMTR is 4.6 billion RMB. 


Line 4 is a north-to-south traffic artery in Beijing rail transit network. It passes through the densely populated Fengtai, Xicheng and Haidian Districts, large residential areas, science and education areas, high-tech parks, commercial zones and tourist attractions along the line. It is 28 km long with 24 stations. Except Anheqiao Bei(N) station as the ground station, the rest are underground stations.


On September 28, 2009, BJL4 opens for operation. The trains commence service in Automatic Train Operation (ATO) mode with the shortest headway of 3 minutes on the opening day. It realizes the shortest headway less than 2 minutes during morning peak hours from south to north on weekdays since 2011.


Beijing Metro Daxing Line


On December 30, 2009, BJMTR signs the O&M Franchise Agreement of Daxing Line (DXL) with Beijing Rail Transit Daxing Line Investment Co.Ltd. and becomes the operator of DXL.


The two terminal stations of Daxing Line are Gongyi Xiqiao station in Fengtai District (north) and Tiangong Yuan station in Daxing District (south). Daxing Line is 22 km long with 11 stations, including 1 ground station and 10 underground stations.



On December 30, 2010, DXL opens for trial operation. The line has become a seamless extension of Line 4 on the same day with a combined route length of 50 km.