What to do if property is lost in metro?

You can call BJMTR service hotline 86-010-96123 and describe your lost property specifically. Our staff will make the registration and contact our station staff. If the item is found, our staff will contact you.

Which stations at BJL4, DXL, BJL14 and BJL16 can buy, add value and refund OCT Card?

Except XiZhiMen station, you can buy OCT Card and add-value at all stations of BJL4, DXL, BJL14 and BJL16. You can buy OCT Card and add-value at BJL2 XiZhiMen station also. You can refund OCT Card at the following stations: (1) BJL4: CuC at HaiDianHuangZhuang station, LinJingHuTong station and JiaoMen West station. (2) DXL: CuC at XinGong station, ZaoYuan station and YiHeZhuang station. (3) BJL14: CuC at DaJing station, DaWaYao station, JingTai station, JiuLongShan station, DongFengBeiQiao station and Wangjing station. (4) BJL16: CuC at YongFeng South station.

How long is BJL14? How many stations and what are they?

BJL4 is 28.2 km. It starts in the south from GongYiXiQiao in the south 4th ring road in Fengtai district and ends at AnHeQiao North in Haidian district. It has 24 stations, including 23 underground stations and 1 at-grade station. The stations are (from south to north) GongYiXiQiao, JiaoMen West, MaJiaPu, Beijing South Railway station, TaoRangTing, CaiShiKou, XuanWuMen, XiDan, LingJing HuTong, XiSi, PingAnLi, XinJieKou, XiZhiMen, National Library, WeiGongCun, RenMin University, HaiDianHuangZhuang, ZhongGuanCun, East gate of Peking University, YuanMingYuan, XiYuan, BeiGongMen, AnHeQiao North (at-grade).

How long is BJL14? How many stations and what are they?

BJL14 West is the first open section. It opened on May 5, 2013. This section covers 12.4 km from ZhangGuoZhuang station to XiJu station with 7 stations. They are XiJu station, QiLiZhuang station, DaJing station, GuoZhuangZi station, DaWaYao station, Garden Expo station and ZhuangGuoZhuang station from east to west. ZhangGuoZhuang station and Garden Expo station are ground stations. It interchanges with BJL10 and BJL9 at XiJu station and QiLiZhuang station respectively. BJL14 serves the west Fengtai district, facilitates the development of Fengtai high-tech park, makes convenience for ChangXingDian area of Fengtai district to travel, and mitigates road transport pressure of southwest region. Garden Expo station service the 9th International Garden Expo directly. BJL14 East opened for trial operation on December 28, 2014. It covers 14.8 km with 12 stations connecting CBD and large residential areas. From north to south, the stations are ShanGeZhuang station, LaiGuangYing station, DongHuQu station, WangJing station, FuTong station, WangJing South station, GaoJiaYuan station (Trains pass without stop), JiangTai station, DongFengBeiQiao station, ZaoYing station, ChaoYang Park station (Trains pass without stop) and JinTai station. It interchanges with BJL15 at WangJing station and interchanges with BJL6 at JinTai station. BJL14 Middle section opened for trial operation on December 26, 2015. It covers 11.6 km with 11 stations connecting DaWangLu business district, FangZhuang and PuHuangYu residential areas and Beijing South Railway station. 9 out of the 11 stations were opened for service. These opened stations are DaWangLu station, JiuLongShan station, BeiGongDa XiMen station, ShiLiHe station, FangZhuang station, PuHuangYu station, JingTai station, YongDingMenWai station and Beijing South Railway station. It interchanges with BJL1 at DaWangLu station, BJL7 at JiuLongShan station, BJL10 at ShiLiHe station, BJL5 at PuHuangYu station and BJL4 at Beijing South Railway station.

What tickets are valid to ride metro?

3 kinds of ticket are valid to ride metro trains. They are single trip ticket, welfare ticket and one card through (OCT) card. OCT card is the utility & transport one card through now broadly used in Beijing.

How long is BJL16? How many stations and what are they?

BJL16 North is the first opened section of BJL16. It is opened on December 31,2016.It covers 19.6 km 10 stations from XiYuan station to BeiAnHe station. From south to north, these stations are XiYuan station, NongDaNanLu station, MaLianWa station, XiBeiWang station, YongFeng South station, YongFeng station, DaoXiangHuLu station, TunDian station, WenYangLu station and BeiAnHe station. BJL16 North interchanges with BJL4 at XiYuan station.

How to know the time for the first and the last train?

You can check the time for the first and the last train of BJL4, DXL, BJL14 and BJL16 via the following channels: (1) Time for the first and the last train at each station is shown at the signage at the entry/exit of the station; (2)Check timetable under the column “Instruction to Passengers” at BJMTR website; For instance, time for the first train and last train from TianGongYuan station to AnHeQiao North (Up track) is 5:30 and 22:38 respectively. Time for the first and the last train from AnHeQiao North to TianGongYuan (Down track) is 5:00 and 22:20 respectively, time for the last train from AnHeQiao North to GongYiXiQiao is 22:45. Time for the first train and last train at XiDan station up track is 5:25 and 23:25 respectively. Time for the first train and the last train at Xidan station down track is 5:35 and 22:55 respectively for large loop, 5:35 and 23:20 respectively for shall loop. (3)Follow BJMTR official Weibo, input “BJL4”, “BJL14” or “BJL16” at the message column; (4)Follow BJMTR official WeChat, select “Timetable” under menu “Operating Line”.

Can Student OCT Card add value at BJL4, DXL, BJL14 and BJL16?

(1)Currently, all metro stations in Beijing do not provide this service (2)Student card can only add value at outlet designated by Public Transport Group.

Which stations of BJL4, DXL, BJL14 and BJL16 can interchange with existing lines? How to check the information at website?

(1)BJL4 can interchange with BJL16(XiYuan station), BJL10 (HaiDianHuangZhuang station and JiaoMen West station), BJL9 (National Library station), BJL13 (XiZhiMen station), BJL2 (XiZhiMen station and XuanWuMen station), BJL6 (PingAnLi station, BJL1 (XiDan station). (2)BJL14 can interchange with BJL9 (QiLiZhuang station), BJL10 (XiJu station), BJL4 (Beijing South Railway station), BJL5 (PuHuangYu station), BJL10 (ShiLiHe station), BJL7 (JiuLongShan station), BJL1 (DaWangLu station), BJL6 (JinTaiLu station) and BJL15 (WangJing station). (3)BJL16 interchange with BJL4 at XiYuan station.(4)Login BJMTR official website, check interchange information at “Metro Network” under “Instruction to Passengers”. Enlarge the map by clicking the map with left key.

How long is DXL? How many stations and what are they?

DXL starts from GongYiXiQiao station in Fengtai district in north and ends at TianGongYuan station in Daxing district in the south. It covers 21.8 km with 11 station including 1 station at grade and 10 stations underground. From north to south, these stations are XiGong, XiHongMen (At grade), GaoMiDian North, GaoMiDian South, ZaoYuan, QingYuanLu, HuangCunXi DaJie, HuangCun Railway station, YiHeZhuang, Bio-Medicine Base and TianGongYuan.

How to treat the accumulative expense if the OCT Card is damaged and nor readable?

In case the OCT Card is damaged and the record is not readable, passengers can get accumulative expense transfer service at a designated place in metro stations. Upon verification, the station will transfer the accumulative expense in the damaged card to the functioning card provided by passengers. If both the damaged card and the functioning card have accumulative expense in the current month, the two values will not be added, the higher value will be prevail.In case a passenger refund the OCT Card out of his/her own reason, the preferential discount policy will not applicable to that card and the accumulative expense in that card is not transferable to other card.

Is extra single trip ticket refundable?

In accordance with Regulation on the Use of Ticket in Beijing Metro Network, single trip ticket is not refundable once sold without metro operation related reason.

In which case a fine of 10 times the fare will be charged?

In accordance with Regulation on the Use of Ticket in Beijing Metro Network, Passenger enter the paid area with invalid or faked ticket or by climbing AFC gate or fence, he/she shall be fined up to 10 times the highest single journey fare in the metro network and the invalid ticket will be reclaimed by station staff. Passengers travel with obliterated, faked or other person’s ticket-free certificate will be fined up to 10 times the highest single journey fare in the metro network. The certificate will be reclaimed by metro staff.

What if the single journey ticket is damaged or lost?

If the ticket is damaged deliberately or lost after entered the paid area, the case is treated as riding without ticket. The damaged ticket will be reclaimed and the passenger shall pay fare based on mileage from this station to the farthest station in the metro network.

What if passengers can’t enter/exit station normally?

Passengers can’t enter the station with OCT Card can inquiry OCT Card information at the Automatic Inquiry Machine at station. If the value of card is lower than the minimum fare of a single ride, he/she shall add value or buy a ticket by cash; if the card has no record of original station (Except the first time the card is in use), he/she shall enter the station after paying the fare at the Book Office based on actual mileage; if the OCT Card is illiterate, he/she shall buy a ticket by cash and enter the station. Passengers can’t exit station with a ticket shall go to the Fare Adjustment Office. If the reason is lack of record on original station, the record will be added to the ticket accordingly; if the ticket is illiterate, he/she shall pay the fare by cash based on actual mileage.If the riding mileage exceeds the fare paid, the passenger shall pay the shortage based on actual mileage. If the passenger stays in paid area longer than the limited time, he/she shall paid the minimum fare of a single journey and exit the station.If the riding mileage exceeds the fare paid and the staying time in the paid area exceeds the limit, the passenger shall pay the shortage based on actual mileage plus the minimum fare of a single ride and exit the station.

What are the preferential policies?

If the accumulative expense in one OCT Card used in metro (Excl. Airport Express Line) by a passenger in one natural month is up to RMB100, from the next ride, he/she can enjoy 20% discount; if the accumulative expense is up to RMB150, he/she can enjoy 50% discount from the next ride; when the accumulative expense is up to RMB400, no discount will apply.

In what case a overtime fare will be charged?

Passengers can stay at the paid area up to 4 hours on one journey. If the passenger stays in paid area longer than the limited time, he/she shall pay the minimum fare of a single journey and exit the station.

How to buy and use single journey ticket? How to get invoice?

Passengers can buy it at the TVM at the station or at the book office. When using TVM to by normal single journey ticket, passengers can use RMB 1 coin or RMB 5, RMB 10 notes and follow the instruction at the TVM. A normal single journey ticket is only valid for one person for single entering at the purchasing station on the purchasing day. For single journey ticket, passengers could ask for fare invoice at the book office at the buying station upon valid ticket bought on the day.

What is the fare system applied in BJMTR operating lines? Is extra fare charged for interchange?

Mileage-based and time-limited ticketing system is applied to Beijing Metro Network (Except Airport Express Line). Pricing scheme is as follows: RMB3 0 – 6 km (including 6 km)RMB4 6 – 12 km (including 12 km)RMB5 12 – 22 km (including 22 km)RMB6 22 – 32 km (including 32 km)RMB1 is added to every 20 km for journey over 32 km without limit. Passengers can stay at the paid area up to 4 hours on one journey. No extra fare is charged for interchange.

What is the regulation for free-riding?

In accordance with relevant regulations of Beijing Municipal Government, passengers with the following certificates are valid for free riding in Beijing Metro Network: Disabled solders with Disabled Soldier Certificate of P. R. China ;Disabled policeman/policewoman with Disabled People’s Police Certificate;Conscripts in active service (Incl. active armed police conscripts) with Soldier Certificate; Blind passengers with Disabled Certificate (Eye disabled), Blind passenger can have 1 welfare ticket for his/her accompany person; Retired veteran cadre with Retired Veteran Certificate. One adult passenger can have a child under 1.3 m free of fare. If he/she brings 2 children under 1.3m, one child can enjoy free fare. Righteous and courageous person with Transport Card for Righteous and Courageous Persons managed by Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau can ride metro free of fare. These persons can get welfare ticket up his/her Card.

What is long loop and short loop? How to identify them?

Through-train service is applied at DXL and BJL4 with alternative long loop and short loop. AnHeQiao North station – TianGongYuan station is long loop, the running time is about 81 minutes; AnHeQiao North – XinGong is short loop, the running time is 53 minutes. Passengers can identify long loop and short loop train by reading the display at the front of each train. Reading “TianGongYuan” means long loop and reading “XingGong” means short loop. Passengers can also identify by reading the terminal of that train on station PIS display. In addition, Public announcement will broadcast the terminal of each train when it arrives the platform.

How to interchange with intercity train and other metro lines at Beijing South Railway Station?

Intercity CRH to Tianjin, Tanggu, Shanghai, Jinan and Qingdao are at the 2nd floor. Passengers arrived by CRH at Beijing South Railway Station can exit the station at -1 floor and reach exit D of BJL4 by following the signage along the route.

Can passengers ride metro with their pet?

In accordance with Article 14 of Regulation on Passengers, pets (Except police dog and guide dog) are prohibited on train, please understand it and cooperate.

What is automatic fare collection (AFC) system?

AFC system is an automatic fare collection system based on computer, communication, network and automatic control technologies. It can realize integrated ticket issuing, ticket checking, charging, collecting, statistic computing, fare clearing and management.