Corporate Social Responsibility

Scope of Corporate Social Responsibility

While pursuing rapid development, BJMTR adheres to correct values, gives full play to its core competitiveness and integrates social responsibility management into daily operations, covering six dimensions including safety, service, community services, employees, environmental protection and supply chain. We join hands with people from all walks of life to provide effective solutions to economic, social and environmental problems, and strive to achieve sustainable development of the enterprise, the society and the environment.



Build a safety risk prevention & control system to protect the safety of the public, clients and employees, and foster a target-oriented and effective safety culture.



Provide opportunities to employees to develop together with the company and achieve their own value, and provide them with competitive remuneration and welfare.



Provide reliable, comfortable and convenient living services, build a civilized and harmonious travel environment, provide a heart-warming riding environment with high-quality services and create greater value.


Environmental Protection

Follow out the philosophy of green development, launch energy conservation and emission reduction projects, and organize environmental protection publicity activities to create a green travel atmosphere.



Create a sustainable rail transit operation model, use own resources and technological advantages to contribute to the community development, and work together with stakeholders to promote the sustainable development of communities and cities.


Supply Chain

Adhere to a sustainable business philosophy and nurture suppliers' abilities of fulfilling responsibilities, thus building a responsible supply chain.

Sustainability Report