BJMTR takes multiple measures to ensure the safe and smooth travel of passengers during the Red Leaves Festival

The Red Leaves Festival of 2023 has started since mid-October and will last for one month. Based on previous years' data analysis, Beigongmen Station, Xiyuan Station of Line 4 that are close to Fragrant Hills, China National Botanical Garden and the Summer Palace will see an increase in passenger flow.  It is estimated that during this year's Red Leaves Festival, the weekend passenger traffic at Beigongmen Station on Line 4 is expected to reach approximately 37,000 passenger trips per day, representing a growth of about 42% compared to weekdays. To ensure smooth travel for passengers during the festival, BJMTR has introduced multiple measures to facilitate passenger transportation.

During the festival, there is an increase in family outings, with a larger number of elderly people and children. In order to provide convenient travel services for passengers, based on the previous experience of organizing passenger transportation during the festival, BJMTR has implemented several service measures at Beigongmen Station and Xiyuan Station. These measures are tailored to the characteristics of the line and stations, aiming to ensure the safety and smooth travel of passengers.