BJMTR takes multiple measures to ensure passenger travel safety during the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday


The Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays in 2023 will start on Friday, September 29th and end on Friday, October 6th. During the holidays, it is estimated that the total patronage of BJMTR will reach 14.112 million, with 1,546 trains to be dispatched. To ensure that passengers have a smooth travel experience during the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays, BJMTR has carefully deployed passenger flow organization, passenger transportation services, and equipment maintenance, and is fully committed to ensuring the safety and smooth travel of passengers during the holidays.

7 Travel Tips to Help Passengers Travel Safely

To ensure the safety and smooth travel of passengers, BJMTR has identified some details that passengers may overlook during their daily trips,  and provides assistance for safe travel during the holidays. BJMTR kindly reminds passengers to:

1. Do not look down at your phone when going up or down the stairs and carefully walking.

2. Stand steady and hold on tight when riding the escalator, and do not run or play around.

3. Passengers with wheelchairs or large luggage should take the elevator.

4.  When using a child anti-lost rope, please be careful when getting on and off the train.

5. If you accidentally get separated from your family in the station, please contact the station staff promptly.

6. In case of a large passenger flow situation, please follow the instructions of the station staff and take care of the elderly and children accompanying you.

7. If you need to bring a power bank when taking the metro, it is recommended to use a qualified power bank that has passed the national 3C certification to ensure the safety of yourself and other passengers. If you find any abnormality with the power bank, please stop using it immediately.