During Dragon Boat Festival holiday, patronage of lines operated by BJMTR totals 771,000

During the Dragon Boat Festival holiday in 2022 (from June 3 to June 5), the patronage of lines operated by BJMTR totaled 771,000. Among which, the patronage of Line 4-Daxing reached 375,000, and the patronage of Line 14 reached 312,000. Patronage of Line 16 and Line 17 reached 51,000 and 33,000 respectively.

As the passenger experience test for the public transport ticketing system upgrade being rolled out, BJMTR sets up service counters at stations to help passengers complete ticket upgrades. Depending on passenger flow, BJMTR also arrange additional staff at key areas such as the entrance, security checks, passages, AFC gates etc. to provide guidance. The station also prepared “ticketing system upgrade manuals”, which is convenient for passengers to carry and complete the upgrading by themselves. The station staff approached the communities en route to help passengers understand the ticketing upgrading process, , ensuring a safe, convenient and healthy travel for passengers.