Starting from June 9, Beijing launches automatic verification of passengers’ health code in metro and bus network

To build a safety barrier for public transport epidemic prevention, some bus lines and metro stations in Beijing begin to manually verify passengers' health codes since May 17. At the same time, in order to improve the travel efficiency, the city's public transport ticketing system upgrade has kicked off, so that passengers can swipe physical card or scanning riding code before boarding with the health code information automatically verified. With the support and cooperation of the passengers, the upgrade work is progressing smoothly, has successfully passed the test, and is ready to go online.

Combined with the improvement of the epidemic situation, all districts in Beijing will gradually resume normal production and life order. The city's public transportation will also resume normal operations at the same time. To implement the normalized prevention and control measures for the epidemic, starting from the first train on June 9, the entire rail transit network and the bus lines of the six districts in Beijng will officially launch the new ticketing system and start the automatic verification of health code service.