On the first day of new school year, BJMTR has taken multiple measures to ensure the safe and smooth travel of passengers during the morning and evening peak hours

With the upcoming of the new school year tomorrow, schools in Beijing will welcome the first day of the autumn semester. To ensure the safe and smooth travel of passengers during the morning and evening peak hours, BJMTR has introduced multiple measures. The specific measures are as follows:

1.BJMTR will optimize train operation and passenger transport organization to ensure sufficient capacity. During the morning peak hour, BJMTR will add 5 additional trains and will be prepared to further increase trains as needed. Additionally, BJMTR prepares 12 spare trains on lines and depots to ensure smooth travel during off-peak and evening peak hours.

2.Stations near schools such as Ping'anli station, Xinjie Kou station, and Haidian Huangzhuang station on Line 4, as well as Xiju station, Fangzhuang station, and B Beijing Univ. of Tech. West Gate station on Line 14, staff will be stationed at platforms, concourses, AFC gates, and escalators during the morning and evening peak hours to assist in managing passenger flow and provide timely assistance to passengers.

3. To enhance the passenger travel experience, each station will arrange functional tests for key operational equipment such as platform doors, escalators, and AFC gates to ensure that the equipment is in good condition and functions reliably.

4. At the same time, all stations of BJMTR adhere to the principle of "item inspection together with passenger". Security personnel will strictly follow the standards for security checks to prevent the entry of prohibited and dangerous items into the stations to ensure the safety of passengers.

BJMTR kindly reminds passengers that:

①During the morning and evening peck hours, please plan your travel time reasonably and consider traveling during off-peak hours.

②When boarding the metro, please queue up in an orderly manner and disperse while waiting. Do not lean on the screen doors or rush to get on or off the train. Please travel with civility and respect for others.

③In the event of a large passenger flow, please follow the instructions of the station staff, take care of the elderly and children, and pay attention to your own safety.

④Before traveling, passengers can use the BJMTR WeChat Mini Program to check their travel routes. They can also follow the official Weibo account of BJMTR to get real-time operation updates and obtain information about the weather in advance, in order to plan their travel time accordingly.