BJMTR enters the community to popularize metro safety knowledge for children

On August 24th, BJMTR in collaboration with the Taoranting Street Office of Xicheng District, jointly organized the " Safety Class in Community" activity as part of the BJMTR Safety Camp. During this event, the BJMTR entered Taoranting Street aiming to popularize knowledge about metro travel safety and promote the concept of civilized metro travel to nearly 30 children aged 5 to 10. The aim was to further enhance the awareness of metro travel safety among  children before the start of the new school year, helping them travel safely.

The officials of the BJMTR expressed that the purpose of the Safety Camp is to popularize metro safety and civilized travel knowledge among children. We hope to enhance the awareness of safety precautions and self-emergency protection capabilities among children through innovative and engaging methods. Additionally, through a variety of public welfare activities, we aim to strengthen communication and integration with the communities along the line, and strive to create metro stations as good neighbors in the community. In the future, they will continue to carry out the series of public welfare activities of the "BJMTR Safety Camp" to create a harmonious, safe, and comfortable metro travel environment together with passengers.