BJMTR prepares 12 spare trains to ensure the safe and smooth travel of passengers during Monday morning peak hours due to the continuous rainfall

In response to the rain during the morning peak hours on July 31st (Monday), BJMTR promptly takes multiple measures to ensure smooth travel for passengers in rainy days. For now, the passenger flow of all lines of BJMTR is stable, and the operation is in good order. Measures that have been taken include:

1.To ensure the safety and smooth travel of passengers, BJMTR prepares 12 spare trains and is ready to add additional trains as necessary.

2. The staff of each station of BJMTR closely monitors the rainfall situation on the ground and continues to clean the entrances, platforms, and concourses to ensure the safety of passengers. At the same time, BJMTR has prepared over 600,000 disposable raincoats and will distribute to passengers in need.

3. BJMTR has placed over 1,200 anti-slip mats and over 1,300 anti-slip signs at entrances and concourses in total. Additionally, stations utilize the station broadcast system and passenger information system to provide relevant information timely, continuously reminding passengers to pay attention to safety and prevent slipping. Staff are also stationed at key locations such as escalators, automatic fare gates, and transfer passages to guide passengers and ensure quick and safe entry and exit.

4.Trains are brought out for service for 5 minutes in advance to ensure that all trains on each line of BJMTR start running on time. The drivers of each line strengthen vigilance during the operation in the depots, stabling yards, lines on the ground, and viaduct lines. The staff on the lines and open sections regularly observe the rainfall situation and pay attention to the conditions of the lines to ensure safe operation.

5.BJMTR has established emergency flood control and rescue teams in advance to be fully prepared to deal with unexpected situations during the flood season and provide strong support for flood control and rescue operations. In addition, 8 types of flood control materials including sandbags, drainage pumps, and emergency vehicles, totaling more than 60,000 items have been stocked up, to ensure sufficient flood control supplies and smooth travel for passengers.

6.BJMTR has conducted a comprehensive analysis and inspection of the flood control capabilities of the 101 stations and 7 depots, focusing on entrances and exits, sunken plazas, tunnel openings, and other critical areas. Based on the analysis, emergency measures and flood prevention facilities have been further improved. Additionally, personnel are arranged to conduct inspections at key locations such as operation equipment rooms, station entrances, emergency evacuation exits, barrier-free elevator entrances, and transfer passages at least every 2 hours. The inspection frequency will be increased according to the rainfall conditions to ensure the safety of passengers during rainy days.

BJMTR kindly reminds passengers to follow BJMTR WeChat mini program to check metro travel routes. Passengers can also follow BJMTR Weibo account to check the weather and real-time metro operation status, and plan travel time accordingly.