Multiple measures launched to ensure the smooth travel of passengers during the Red Leaves Festival

With the arrival of autumn, the Red Leaves Festival has kicked off. The viewing season starts on Friday, October 15, and lasts until Sunday, November 14.  Based on the data analysis of previous years, Beigongmen Station of BJL4, Xiyuan Station of BJL4 and BJL16 that are close to Xiangshan will see an increase in passenger flow.  During the Red Leaf Festival, BJMTR rolls out multiple measures to facilitate passengers' travel.  

The peak passenger flow will appear on the weekends during the period from October. 15 to November. 14. The morning outbound peak usually occurs at 9:30-12:00, and the afternoon inbound peak usually occurs at 14:30-16:30. It is recommended that passengers arrange their travel time reasonably and try to avoid the peak as much as possible.