Line 4 propagates gate safety and the primary School Safety Ambassadors clap hands and sing

"You take one, I take one, and the right hand holds the card through the gate..." On the morning of November 10th, a subway gate safety event with the theme of "Children's First Relief" was held at the Zoo Station of Metro Line 4. More than 20 student representatives from Erligou Central Primary School acted as security ambassadors for the event. For this event, the students specially arranged the “Safety Clap Songs” and aerobics to promote the correct method of “right-hand holding card” and “children first” entry and exit. The brisk and lively form triggered the interest of passengers. On-site passengers actively participate in interactive activities with students.

 The reporter saw that there was a lovely "Kangaroo Mother" in this event. The image of the kangaroo protecting the young child coincided with the theme of the event, which also added a lot of fun to the event. During the event, the primary school safety ambassadors were guarded by the gates and in the station. Together with the “Kangaroo Mother”, they distributed promotional materials and souvenirs to the passengers, guided the passengers to swipe their cards into the right hand, and asked the passengers with the children to let the children pass the gates first.

 The person in charge of the Beijing-Hong Kong subway said, “The company always puts safety at the top of the subway operation. From the current use of the gates, most passengers can use the gates correctly, but some passengers need to strengthen the right-hand card. 'In addition to the habit of entering the station. In addition, when the parents have a ticket free of charge below 1.2 meters, the child needs to enter the gate after the card is swiped, and the adult then enters to avoid the parents passing the gate, but the child cannot pass. It is hoped that through this event, passengers' awareness of the correct use of gates will be further enhanced."

 After watching the performance, Liu Ayi, who accompanied her granddaughter to the zoo, specially requested a piece of information. She told the reporter: "My granddaughter can enjoy the hand-song song. Just watching the performance, I also followed the clapping. She said that she would go back. Tell Mom and Dad that in the future, I must let her go in front of the subway."

 Mr. Xia and Mr. Zhang from Erligou Central Primary School said: “Our school is very happy to involve children in such social practice activities. On the one hand, it can enhance children’s sense of responsibility, and it is also conducive to cultivating their masters by example. Spirit, to promote more to your classmates and family."