The First “Beijing Metro Junior Poster Contest” Award Ceremony Held in Beijing – 54 Hand Drawn Posters Created by Juniors Displayed at BJMTR Station

March 30, 2017, the Award Ceremony of Beijing Metro Junior Poster Contest jointed hosted by Beijing Municipal Transport Commission, Beijing Municipal Education Commission and Beijing MTR Corporation Limited staged at BJL14 FangZhuang station.   

The Award is in 2 categories: Poster Award and Organization Award. The 54 poster Award winners are selected in 2 channels: expert appraisal and on-line public voting. The Organization Award is granted to a district Education Committee and 3 schools. 6 teachers are praised for their excellent coaching.  

At the site, BJMTR displayed the posters at the display wall using a train saloon as the background. First prize and Second prize posters selected by experts are displayed with frame as train windows. All the awarded posters are displayed at a artistic and stylish “Gallery” at BJL14 FangZhuang station. Passengers could appreciate the posters free from March 30 to June 30.  In addition, there are plaster cast train models at site, guesses and students paint them creatively. Trains loaded with vivid child fantasies and expectation of safe and harmony travel environment are presented to the viewers.