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In the 3 Moon Festival Holidays, Total Patronage is 4.434 Million for BJL4&DXL and 136K for BJL14

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During the Moon Festival 2014 (Sept. 6-8) , the total patronage of BJL4&DXL is 4.434 million including 3.562 million for BJL4 ( Average daily patronage at 1187K) and 872K for DXL (Average daily patronage at 291K); The total patronage of BJL14 West is 136K (Average daily patronage at 45K). 2472 train trips were arranged in total in these 3 days at BJMTR operated lines( 1668 for BJL4&DXL and 804 for BJL14 West). Weekend timetable was applied at BJL4&DXL and special timetable was applied at BJL14 West. The operation of all the 3 lines was smooth and orderly.   
During the holidays, RS and maintenance divisions enhanced the care of the RS and relevant equipment to ensure the safety, reliability and stability of the services.  At security check front, following the principle of “Every bag checked, every liquid checked and every suspected interrogated”, 518 forbidden articles were intercepted during the holiday. Safety of the passengers was safeguarded.